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Podiatry Clinics (Yorkshire) Ltd are proud to be working with Wetherby Osteopaths.
We aim to provide the highest standard of Lower Limb Musculo Skeletal Podiatry care in Yorkshire. Using up to date evidence-based techniques wherever possible. Treatment may be in the form of exercise programs, advice on training regimens, manipulations, mobilisations, alterations to shoes, therapeutic injections and foot orthoses. When necessary, a multidisciplinary approach is adopted. This may include referral and discussion with General Practitioners, Orthopedic surgeons, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors.

Lee, Bob and Simon all have MSc qualifications in biomechanics and have been in practice for 28, 36 and 37 years respectfully.
Our Podiatry Services include Biomechanics, Foot Orthotics (orthoses) and Gait Analysis.

Our Podiatry Services include Biomechanics, Foot Orthotics (orthoses) and Gait Analysis.


The foot is unique in the body due to its position and function. Although most people believe that each foot only takes half your body weight during walking in fact the true figure is about one and half times body weight. In the course of a normal day a person might take between 8 – 12,000 steps. This means that any inefficiency in foot function is multiplied many times over. This is the basis for many foot and lower limb problems. A careful biomechanical examination attempts to pick out these minor imbalances and seeks to correct them by mechanical means. Foot orthoses work by increasing the efficiency with which the foot functions. This altered function can affect the whole lower limb, pelvis and back thus improving the body’s general posture and ability to function.

Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis is an invaluable tool in the accurate diagnosis of chronic lower limb injuries. In the field of sports injuries especially, this technique is of particular use. The abnormal and/or excessive movement that occurs during some sporting activities can produce high stresses within the joints and on soft tissue structures, resulting in the symptoms of injury. Patients often have symptoms that only appear during or immediately after their chosen sport. Only by very carefully observing the patient’s movement can an accurate diagnosis be achieved. The subsequent corrective treatment is thus more precise and focused.

Foot Orthotics

Foot Orthotics have transformed the treatment of many foot and lower limb problems. Developed over many decades the modern orthoses is a highly developed piece of engineering. In order to obtain the correct prescription a full biomechanical examination is required. Due to the unique way in which we practice many of our patients are provided with an orthotic device and rehabilitation exercises at their first appointment. This in turn can lead to earlier and return to work, sport and exercise. In many instances this approach is more cost effective due to fewer appointments needed throughout the course of treatment

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