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At Wetherby Osteopaths we would like to promote the idea of supporting you to achieve the best outcome should you need a hip or knee replacement.

Here is some general advice:


General Health:

  1. To reduce risk of pre and post operative infections be extra attentive to FOOT and DENTAL HYGIENE; gum infections and fungal foot infections increase risk.
  2. Reduce weight
  3. Stop smoking and reduce alcohol intake
  4. Take extra care to keep skin clean and healthy
  5. Shower before your operation

Physical Advice:

Plan ahead. Even taking up strengthening exercises as little as six weeks before your operation can improve your recovery time.

  1. Upper body strength to enable moving in bed and use of crutches – your osteopath can advice you of the best exercises for you.
  2. Lower body to increase the strength of the abdomen, thigh and buttock muscles which are needed over the first post operative six weeks.
  3. Practice sleeping on your back for a few weeks before your operation because you will have to do this post operative.

Please contact us for a more personalised individual assessment and advice on the best pre and post operative exercises for you.

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