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What can an Osteopath do for my problem?

Osteopaths don’t just treat backs!

Osteopaths are trained in “differential diagnosis” and by taking a detailed case history and listening to your story and assessing the way the structures around your painful/restricted area move in relation to one another (musculo- skeletal system). This can determine whether you have symptoms or dysfunction arising from your muscular skeletal system, which may respond well to manual therapy, or if there is a more serious underlying problem that requires further investigation or referral. The Osteopaths   examination and palpation may conclude that your symptoms may be musculo skeletal, but are originating from somewhere else in your body , not the site of your pain.

Osteopaths are trained in clinical reasoning and can advise you ,as an individual, to help you decide the best action/options to take to improve your symptoms, which may include,; advice on lifestyle, exercises, suitable medication, working posture, adaptations during sport and the current efficacy of different supports and strapping or the different treatments/interventions, including surgical and non surgical intervention options currently available. We will give you support & offer options of who and how to contact relevant other practitioners or specialists. During 30 years plus of Wetherby Osteopaths we have built up a good rapport and respect with many of our local GP’s , consultants & health practitioners, enabling us to offer you a high standard of primary health care. If at consultation we (or you) decide we are not the best option to help you, then we usually know someone else who can !


Osteopaths are trained to observe & assess and treat through touch( palpation), the inter-relationship of structures, to ascertain whether there are imbalances and disturbance from normal function within the   joints and soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, capsules, fascia and tendons )that support and move us through complex movements of everyday life. Osteopaths are trained to use a wide range of manual techniques to address the imbalances they find, such as soft tissue massage, mobilizing & articulation of joints with varying degrees of subtlety, sometimes using direct and indirect pressure and movements.

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24 York Rd, Wetherby LS22 6SL. T: 01937 584775 We also have private off road parking and level disabled access.

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